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  • Sandra
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    🙂 Hiya Jacky – hope you manage to have a good day for your birthday despite all the hoo-hah going on with the 2011 Harrods Bears.

    Am always thinking of you running around London, and it always gives me a smile.

    Take it easy for a day and enjoy the day you came into this world.

    Hope London is restored to 'normal' soon. Terrible news with all that's happened lately !

    Anyway, glad to see it's not where you live . . . is it ?

    Sandra x

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    Hello Sandra,

    Gosh, you remembered! Thank you!

    First my birthday pressie to myself: A Harrods solid, long sought after, finally found. Will possibly sell the empty (ORIGINAL NOT COPIED) one! Now to keep you guessing. Riddle for you: It's green and gold,

    The writing bold,

    It has a clasp,

    Designed to last.

    It's neat and slim

    Has room within….


    Re London, am not now wearing any jewellery. Woman who has the newsagent downstairs was mugged on Sunday morning! Young youths (thugs) wanting cigarettes! Lots of police on the streets (I always greet them when I don't feel too embarrassed to say how great it is to see them), and we are all a little depressed!

    Now the Human Rights are questioning the sentences being churned out! Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't! Oh well, back to solids and the once a year birthday……Love….xxx

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    Hi Jackie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😀 😀 😀 😆

    Hope you've had a great day.

    Is it a Harrods bag????!!!!! lol

    Speak soon

    Sharon xxx

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    😀 Happy Belated Birthday Jackie! I hope that this year's trip around the sun is bright and beautiful!!

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    I agree with Daisy, sounds like the 2007 Harrods Shopper.




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    Thanks for your wishes. Appreciate!

    Yes, it is the Harrods Shopper. It was the first solid I ever bought and the first solid I ever sold! This is the one which started me off collecting solids and at the time I just could not imagine why I was being offered such a high price for it (I mentioned this solid on the site) and I was a newbie!

    Now I have the boxed one and an empty without the box. So am making up for the days when I was new and very enthusiastic and also, very green!


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    Happy Belated Birthday, Petals! What a wonderful birthday present you received! I wish you many more happy days and wonderful treasures to find. 😆 Thank you for being the special person you are: genuine, smart, funny, always ready to help, just to name a few. Can't imagine you as a “newbie” collector! Best wishes, always and please keep safe!


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