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  • Ann and Ken
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    Wishing all our collectors in Switzerland , Austria and Germany please stay safe with all the terrible flooding you are having.

    Let us hear from you when you can .

    Ken and Ann

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    I also would like to send my thoughts for our members over in Europe dealing with the terrific flood waters. Stay Safe <img src='style_emoticons//wub.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’wub.gif’ />

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    Ann and Ken and Queenie,

    thank you very much for your caring. My nearer surroundings are not so much affected this time. The worst floods happened in central Switzerland


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    Has the flooding had any effects on any of our members?

    Please stay safe and know you are all in our thoughts.

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    Hi & thanks to all who expressed their sympathy !

    I'm located in the State of Bavaria, that's the most southern part of Germany, and which has been badly affected by the rain & floods.
    Thanks to Lord, I live in an area with no large rivers around, so we only had lots of rain, and that was it.
    We are fine here but I don't know about other members in this area.


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    Hi All,

    many thanks for your interest about us European Members, it is very nice from you all.

    Fortunately my family and I are ok.
    Incredibly the damages this such a catastrophe can cause!
    Anyhow I have never never seen such a catastrophe that near before. It is crazy!

    But rain finally stopped and the situation is improving now.

    Ganz viele liebe Gr¸sse an alle aus Luzern
    Quite many dear greetingses to all from Lucerne

    Maddalena and Family

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    Hi All,

    We tend to take flooding all in our stride over here, as it happens so many

    times in the country, but our weather has gone mad of late, in Portugal the heat is

    so bad they are having massive woodland fires, and as our other European friends

    have just said the flooding over there has been devastating.

    I think that we contribute to all world problems, and somehow we have to rectify

    all of this, this morning on the television there were discussions on this very


    Take care everyone,


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