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    Hi Jack, It is great that I can now see all the posts from long ago. I was able to look back on things I never saw before. One of the things I noticed was that sometimes animatiions were added in the posts. This would be great for our ongoing story. I have some really cute gifs that would go great in the Bob & Lola story. I checked the help pages and it says “if there is a file attachment link” you can add files, but I dont see that link. Is there any way we can add photos to the posts? Just a question. Thanks Jack

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    There should be an IMG button in the section right above where you type your post. Clicking that should ask you for the address of the image you want to attach. There currently isn't a way to attach an image that is on your home computer, we had to remove that because it was too easy for hackers to get in.

    I should be able to add that feature back if we are able to get the new message board software. I will add it to the list! Log In Register Lost Password

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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