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    Well, it's time to raise some money for the new solids this year! I have the following extra's from my collection that I'd like to offer for sale! Most of these have never been displayed and are extras. I'm also willing to trade if you have something you'd like to trade! Please feel free to email me at if you're interested in any of these so I can send you photos! (Please note prices do not include shipping or insurance.)

    Magnificent Marlin 2003 MIBB $125

    Watering Can 2001 MIBB $225 – Sold

    Golden Anniversary (Youth Dew Bottle) 2003 MIBB $100

    Juggling Seal 2000 MIBB $175 – Sold

    King Charles Spaniel MIB 2001 $56

    Dreamy Dessert 2000 MIB $56

    Petite Poodle 1999 MIB $60

    Shimmering Steer, Crystals, 2000 MIB $185

    Brilliant Cardinal 2003 MIBB $60

    Watermelon 1997 MIB $65 – Sold

    Refillable Pink/Silver Compact 2001 w/ Pleasures (solid perfume is unused but all browned) w/ gold box – $15

    Cameo 2000 MIB $55

    Butterfly White, Enchanted, Beautiful, 2000 MIB (Gold box from Las Vegas)$215

    Butterfly White, Enchanted, White Linen, 2000, pouch only no boxes – $150

    Snowman, Sparkling, w/ crystals, 1999 MIB $180

    Red Rose 1998 MIB $145 – sold

    Cherry 2001, pouch only $45

    Libra 1997, Pleasures, pouch & original tag only $35 – Sold!

    Teddies, 1998, pouch only no boxes, $55

    Rocking Horse, 1998, pouch only no boxes, $75

    Tropical Fish 1993, Orange/Red, Pouch Only no boxes $50

    Mushroom by Strongwater, 2003, empty w/ pouch no boxes, $55

    Night Star Necklace, 1980, Black Onyx center, Youth Dew unused but shrunk, no box, includes a pouch, $250

    Super Solid Perfume Blue Enamel hexagon w/ Estee circa 1971 or 1973 aka Royal Enamel, comes with pouch no box – $10

    Memento, w/ blue stone, 1973, empty w/ some left around the edges, w/ pouch no box $5 – Sold!

    Golden Treasure or Jeweler's Box circa 1975/1976 w/ unused, shrunken, Youth Dew, with label no box, $15 – Sold!

    Jeweler's Enamel, dark blue/green enamel, 1981, Unused Estee solid perfume, some shrinking, w/ original label on back, pouch only no boxes $125

    Star Spangled Drum, circa 1998, White Linen, shrunk but unused, pouch only no box $75

    Apple Powder Compact, w/ Lucidity Powder, unused & probably usable condition, circa 2000, original tag and pouch only no box, $35

    Airplane, 2007, MIBB $265

    America's Apple,2002, MIBB, $160

    Avon Leaf Solid Perfume Pin & compact, mostly full, Charisma, no boxes, $5

    Ballet Slippers, MIB, 1999 $350

    Bustier, Las Vegas, 2004, MIBB, $200 – sold

    Heart Necklace, 1974, Aliage solid is unused but slightly shrunken, no box or pouch but original label is present, $100

    Palm Tree, (Shimmering Oasis), Las Vegas, 2003, MIBB, $195 – Sold!

    Turtle, Black, circa 1992, Mint in its original box, w/ label too, Solid Perfume is near mint and is “Private Collection”, $175 – sold!

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    Hi. I am interested in the Shimmering Oasis Palm Tree.

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