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    I come to this website often to research, gather information and see if anyone has come back. I’m so disappointed that this turned into a barren website. It used to be bustling with news and conversation. This site was the only source if information on the new Estee Lauder solids!


    I guess growing technology and social media had something to do with the demise of this wonderful place. I just don’t understand it.


    Of course some people had their differences (yes some had issues with me I know) but still it was a great site to escape into for a little while. To be able and check in with friends that have the same interest.


    Oh well, I know there are still original collectors out there and there are many new collectors just starting out that check this site. It’s a shame no one will post to start the conversations going again.


    Has Estee Lauder fizzled out? I don’t think so. Come on people ….. liven up!

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    Deep down, I think you know why this site went ‘barren’ when you (and others) logged on to “gather information” as you so appropriately put it.  You flushed us all out pretending to be friends when all you were searching for was a place to sell and make money.  It took a few months, before we all realised who and what you were, and that’s when all the news and conversation stopped.  Back then, yes, it was the only source of information on new EL solids.  I don’t think you had the same interests as most of us.  We didn’t buy cheap $5.00 casings and make perfume to put it the solids and sell them at a premium price as “full”. Only you did, and the unknowing (like myself) bought them and were very disappointed and therefore lost interest (and a lot of money) doing so.


    We were sick of arguing about it as you constantly made excuses to justify what you were doing.  We all lost confidence in sharing anything much on this site. You picked ideas from others here and found a market, which is why you still try to encourage ”lively conversation” to see what else you can find cheaply and sell to honest people on here.  I think you only buy to sell, not to collect and keep.  That’s what is different about you and the rest of us.  We are COLLECTORS who appreciate and value what we buy, you are a selling shark with few scruples.  I am speaking from experience, not heresay.  I never attack or go out of my way to offend people who try to do the right thing by others but occasionally make a mistake, I am writing this purely to warn unsuspecting others and those who don’t hide behind a pseudonym. :ph34r:

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