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  • Jeanette
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    I like all of the solids, but I voted for the Jay Strongwater grouping. He's my favorite and I'm a really big fan of his work and designs.

    Jeanette <img src='style_emoticons//smile.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’smile.gif’ />

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    Isn't funny how we all differ so much.
    Wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same <img src='style_emoticons//wink.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’wink.gif’ />
    My favorite by far was the Kitty on the Chair, I think the imagination behind it and the detail is exquisite <img src='style_emoticons//biggrin.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’biggrin.gif’ />
    It also fits in with my toy theme and is in the nursery <img src='style_emoticons//biggrin.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’biggrin.gif’ />
    I liked the JL puppy, but didn't buy it as I felt is was overpriced compared to what detail JS has in his solids for the same $$.
    I didn't like the Harrods Lion, but maybe it doesn't have the same appeal to me as I live in the UK.
    I did love the bustier, and thought that was the best value solid of the year!
    Maggie <img src='style_emoticons//cool.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’cool.gif’ />

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    <img src='style_emoticons//ohmy.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’ohmy.gif’ /> You didn't like the Lion and Crown??? <img src='style_emoticons//ohmy.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’ohmy.gif’ /> Are you not a royalist then?

    You'd have to admit that the Pillar box is miles more tasteful than the Phone Booth they put out the year before. . . . . it was a step up there, I think.

    Isn't it peculiar that everyone buys the 3 Harrods solids even though they might not like/love them all? I have – and I don't really like the van or phone booth much. How many others bought all 3 just for the heck of it?

    I noticed that not everyone buys the whole sets of the others . . . . or do they?

    The poor GD solids didn't get one vote . . . . . hint, hint EL !

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    I think it's wonderful that everyone has different tastes, it makes collecting more interesting.

    I, of course, voted for the Jay Strongwaters as I really admire his work and I think all of his designs are outstanding. <img src='style_emoticons//smile.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’smile.gif’ /> <img src='style_emoticons//smile.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’smile.gif’ />

    Sandra, I'm laughing at your remark about the GD Solids <img src='style_emoticons//biggrin.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’biggrin.gif’ /> <img src='style_emoticons//biggrin.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’biggrin.gif’ /> <img src='style_emoticons//biggrin.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’biggrin.gif’ />

    Erica, is it a Dalmation, I thought it was a Cow! <img src='style_emoticons//rolleyes.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’rolleyes.gif’ />


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    The general distribution solids certainly aren't what they use to be in the past, I can remember in the late 90's how great they all use to be.

    I think of ones like the pineapple, cat's meow, gold egg on stand and even the cafe and bubbly from only a couple years ago… today, to me, the GD solids are lacking detail and for the most part are just gold with little or no enamel.

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    I personally think the Harrods solids are the best and the best for your money.
    1. There are 300 or less of each one
    2. They are designed in the fashion of the older better designed solids
    3. The Lion Crown(150 produced) is a keeper and one that should rise in value(I
    believe the catalog had a typo.
    4. The Postbox(250 produced) is simple and well made. A bonus, which took me
    a while to notice
    was that on the inside are little engraved Christmas presents–How many of
    those who have it noticed that little extra?
    5. Thomas (which was the most produced at 300) is the best since Rodney

    Just my humble opinion

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    QUOTE(Ron @ Jan 7 2005, 12:09 AM)
    The Postbox(250 produced) is simple and well made.  A bonus, which took me a while to notice was that on the inside are little engraved Christmas presents–

    <img src='style_emoticons//ohmy.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’ohmy.gif’ /> Totally agree with you Ron (regarding ALL of the Harrods solids) – and thanks for the tip about inside the post box!

    You certainly must scrutinise your solids!! Well done!! Never seen it mentioned before!! I, myself, did not notice it. Thanks for the insight! <img src='style_emoticons//biggrin.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’biggrin.gif’ />

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    RON?? Is that really you? Missed you, guy! <img src='style_emoticons//smile.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’smile.gif’ /> So glad to read a post from you…and a very accurate one at that! Don't stay away so long…I (we) value your posts…and do notice when you're MIA! <img src='style_emoticons//sad.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’sad.gif’ />

    Aussie Girl
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    This was really difficult but I finally decided my vote would go to the Las Vegas/New York group – I just loved every one – a very close second was Harrods with only the colours on the teddy bear putting me off a little (hate pale blue with red). With Saks loved all of the Jay Strongwaters but not the sphere and Neiman Marcus Judith Leiber's were all wonderful except I didn't care for the Little Chick.I only bought one of the General Distribution – the ladybug & gave the others a miss as I didn't like them at all.


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    Thanks for your reply. I have been “lurking” <img src='style_emoticons//wink.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’wink.gif’ /> about the board. I have not had anything worth commenting on until this post.

    Think about it—-Besides the aesthetic value which would you rather have? A solid that is nice but you have absolutly no idea how many were made(Just in case you would NEED to sell it) OR one that you know is limited to a small amount. 300 bears world wide is a small amount and there are other Harrods collectors out there besides those of us who only collect solid perfume.

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    Ron – Your question deserves more than my usual “flip” answer, so please give me a little time…it's something I have to ponder…please keep lurking (and posting) until I come up with what I really believe, ok?

    Again, it's an excellent question/thought, and hopefully other members will give their opinion(s) on it also.

    Martha C
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    Thanks so much for pointing out the packages in the Post Box. I never noticed them, so it's a real treat to find them tucked away inside the box. I love it when everyone gives their opinions on the solids and shares bits of information. <img src='style_emoticons//biggrin.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’biggrin.gif’ />

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    Many collectors like the Judith Leiber collections but did not buy them because it is over price.

    A good test was done over here, Estee Lauder increase the prices of Strongwater and decrease the price of Judith Leiber. The result…..Judith Leiber solids are almost sold out. Whereas there are plenty of Jay Strongwater left here. <!–emo&<_<img src='style_emoticons//dry.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’dry.gif’ />

    Overall, I am happy with all the solids from 2004 ( now we are in 2005). The desginers had brought their individual strong characteristic design into the solids. One look at the solid and you will know……This solid is sooooo Strongwater….. This one is soooo Judith Leiber….
    General Distributions?….. this is so general…. I only bought the Ladybug from GD..cute.

    I noticed that Ladybug, set low price has lure manyf new collectors to start this hobby. Looking forward to a better year ahead.
    <img src='style_emoticons//rolleyes.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’rolleyes.gif’ />

    Don and Margaret
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    A good test was done over here, Estee Lauder increase the prices of Strongwater and decrease the price of Judith Leiber. The result…..Judith Leiber solids are almost sold out. Whereas there are plenty of Jay Strongwater left here. 

    This is really an interesting post. <img src='style_emoticons//smile.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’smile.gif’ /> Are we all just driven by price or is it a matter of different tastes in different countries? <img src='style_emoticons//ph34r.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’ph34r.gif’ /> It is really good to hear from a Singapore based member as there seems to be a busy Estee community based there. (At least if you watch ebay).

    Please tell us more about collecting on your side of the world. <img src='style_emoticons//biggrin.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’biggrin.gif’ />

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    Hello Perfumemory, I checked out Harrods this morning, and guess what? They have plenty of the Judith Leiber solids but none from the group of Harrods i.e. Pillar Box, Bear and Lion Crown. To me, considering the price of the Harrods Solids, this is an indication that if people like a solid they will buy it no matter what the price. This would explain the Lion/Crown selling immediately even though it was priced at £175.

    In reply to your question Ron, I would personally like a well made limited solid. I really cringe when I see some of my general line solids, purchased at full retail price, selling for a couple of dollars on Ebay! Even though I may have liked the solid in the first instance, after a while it becomes somewhat tedious to see it downgraded and flooding the market.

    I truly believe that if EL produce a well designed solid in limited numbers, it will sell out.

    I am wondering how many Judith Leiber solids were released? It may not be that they are not selling due to price but due to over production!

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