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    Hi Powder Colector friends,

    there is a lady on eBay selling EstÈe Lauder After Hours powder compacts that she has besutifully customized,

    Nearly on the bottom, after the description, she says that she has customized them herself.


    As I'm too greedy, as you all may know, I fell into the trap….I'm sure some of you can't deny themselves a big smile, but nevertheless I reveal myself in order to warn you all.

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    Hello Brigitte

    In the older powder compact world fakes are not uncommon. I have known people fake the telephone dial, the Schuco Teddy bear and the powder compact walking stick……all these are very, very expensive to buy. Many of the fakes are so well done that sometimes its only your gut instinct that tells you its a fake, people make good money at it and very often the less experienced collectors get taken in.

    In your case you saw something you liked and went for it, your not on your own because I have done the same thing myself…..when you can't handle things ( as with ebay ) its hard to know just what you are getting.

    Thanks for the warning.

    My kind regards to you.


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    Hi Brigitte. I saw the powder when it was listed and thought for sure it was a Katherine Bauman…it looked really good. I also bid, but then reread the description and saw that is was “hand done”…it is pretty though! The seller has another up now..not as nice as what you bought however. Good thing we know now, but sorry for your disappointment.


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    Hi Brigitte,

    I tried to win the one you ended up buying.

    I only noticed a day later that the seller was customizing these – she did not describe it well on the first one she listed, but did a better job on the second (your example above).

    I'm glad you found out, and hope you returned it. You paid a pretty price for it, as I recall!

    BTW – thank you for showing us your website – I had seen it before, but I completely missed all the powder compacts that you have! Beautiful job!!

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    of course she didn't take it back. She said that she had mentionned that she customized it herself. In fact when I saw it nothing was mentionned, she added it only the next day and as I was so greedy to get it I immediately set a snipe and didn't check the description again before it ended.


    I'm not only disappointed about my powder purchase, but also as only 1 single person e-mailed me concerning my “Help is needed” topic. I try to share everthing I can and noeone seems to willing to of help to me, even though this help wouldn't be only for me personally, but for all of you members, as I would add it into my sites.

    Sorry, but this had to be said, as I really felt bad about no help at all.


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    Hello Brigitte, Your advice needed!

    Sometimes (and it has been quite often of late) I have seen collectors I know bidding on an item which definitely has been mis-represented.

    What to do? If I write to them and say i.e. it has not the original chain, (or)
    this is not an E.L. I feel they may think I am snooping. I can assure you that this is not the case but you know how these things occur!

    I really do not want them to think I am following their auctions. It is just by chance if I am interested in an item and see the last buyer's name……….

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    Has anyone else had this happen??

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    Awwww – Brigitte,

    I am SO sorry!

    I feel so bad for you – are you SURE there isn't a way to c/b on your credit card??

    I'm not advocating anything unethical, but you should still be able to “raise a fuss” with your CC company, return it (with tracking), and get your money back. It would be worth the postage/tracking costs, imho.

    Frankly, anyone who accepts credit cards should be used to the idea that a customer can return pretty much anything within a reasonable amount of time…

    I hope you look into it!!

    Edit: BTW – I never even saw the “disclaimers” at the end of her original auction!


    PS – Jacqueline – I know you didn't ask for my advice, but if you do not want to “out” yourself, you might want to use a buying/posting ID for those emails (if you are speaking of eBay), and then you can be somewhat secure that you are “anonymous” (or at least it does not look like you are following them around). You can have as many eBay ID's as you have email addresses (I'm sure you know that though!).

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