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    FYI, there's an article in the October issue of Traditional Home magazine on Judith Leiber. It is about the garden at their home on Long Island. Beautiful pictures. Her husband, Gus, apparently has been working in this garden for 40 years! And he is an artist as well. Definitely worth reading.

    And, of course, it mentions her handbags and features a couple of pics of those as well. They mention that she designs evening bags for the First Ladies to complement their Inaugural Ball gowns, and started with Mamie Eisenhower in 1953. These handbags, along with the inaugural gowns are on display at the First Ladies Hall of the National Museum of American History in DC.

    The article is very heart-warming too. They sound like quite a loving couple.


    Jeanette Lauder Lover

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    Thanks for the tip Jeanette. Sounds like an interesting article. I think I will run out and find the Issue. I don't know alot about Judith Leiber except that her Purses and Compacts are Pricey! I had no idea she has been around and designing Evening Bags for so long, 1953, Wow!

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    Thanks Jeanette,

    There is also interesting stuff on the JL website:
    Judith Leiber

    Judith Leiber actually retired from the company in 1998.

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    Thanks for the link. This is the first time I visited her website and there is all sorts of great information about the JL and her company.

    They also mention the traveling exhibit which will be in Boca Raton, among other places soon. I saw the exhibit in DC a couple of years ago and it was very interesting. It's a small exhibit but definitely worth seeing.

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    I used to drool over the Judith Leiber pill boxes and always stopped by the counters at Harrods to take a look. I only discovered these AFTER I had begun collecting E.L.

    Then I thought, would it hurt to purchase one of J.L's pill boxes each year? So I went back to the counters and found that the designs I loved I could not find anymore and the prices appeared to have gone up!?

    After chatting with an enthusiastic Rep who told me that she was no longer at the helm of the company, I realised or felt that it would never be the same without her. That saved me some £££££££££ $$$$$$$

    I do not think the solid perfumes represent her wonderful talent!

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