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    A STORY……….. ''What's the matter honey? You look as though you've seen a ghost!' Laura sighed, she was tired and the day had been stressfull enough without these puzzling events. ''It's nothing sweetheart'' she replied, sliding the chair away from the computer at the same time gently rubbing her forehead. 'I'm just feeling sort of queazy right now. You know how it is with the computer and I think I'm getting one of my migraines again!'' David nuzzled the back of her neck, feeling the cool silkiness of her skin against his cheek. 'I think you need a holiday Laura. We both do!' He smiled at her, taking in her beautiful brown eyes and thinking how special she was to him. His soul mate. Someone he could always rely on. Someone he loved and cherished…..''I'm really fine darling' she broke into his lingering thoughts. 'Honest! Really I am!'' David looked at her reproachfully. 'I still think you could do with a break from here. Let me see if I can get some time off but meanwhile, promise me, and I mean this Laura, promise me you will relax more and stop messing around so much on the computer!'' Laura smiled. Maybe he was right. Things had been getting to her lately but this was something really weird. Something which was niggling her and as much as she tried, she could not get these strange thoughts out of her mind!

    Laura tossed and turned unable to sleep. She wanted to tell David but felt he would laugh at her. How could she explain to him how these images kept appearing on her screen? Sometimes they were in black and white, other times in garish colours. Sometimes they would stare back at her……..empty black spaces for eyes……..vacant faces bobbing back and forth, expressionless!
    She shuddered, her skin turning from soft velvet into hundreds of tiny goosebumps! What was happening? Who were these creatures and why, yes why were they invading her space?

    Over to you all out there to write and …….to be continued!!!!!!!!!! SINNETT

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    Laura had another bad day, too much time in front of the screen and another migraine on the way.

    By the time David arrived home she was done in, tired, in pain and still very edgy.

    “Look sweetheart, I know you are shattered, a friend at work told me of some friends of his. They moved to a small village in the south of France and it sounds idyllic.

    Their place is surrounded by woods and lakes, it is so remote there is nothing to do other than relax. They have a log cabin in the woods which they lend to friends and thats where we are going.”

    “Oh David,” Laura replied holding him close, “that sounds perfect, so romantic. It will be wonderful to spend some time away from everything and re-charge. Just think of it, a place where nothing ever happens – wonderful.”

    That evening Laura began to feel a little better, in a couple of days she knew she would be feeling totally different.

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    The drive to France was long and hot, and after picking up the chalet keys from the owner Claudine they drove down a small road into a clearing in the woods.

    Laura opened the chalet door and gasped with pleasure ” It's so beautiful David, do hurry up with the luggage and come and have a look “

    As she stepped into the small hallway Laura noticed a large collection of animals and people in a large glass case, by the side of the case was a card written by Claudine.

    Dear Laura…….I have put my collection of solid perfumes here
    for you to see hoping that they give you as much pleasure as
    they give me…..if you want to know more about them this is the
    web site to go to…..there is a computer in the sitting room.

    ” Oh no you don't, no computers for you whilst we are on holiday” laughed David,
    “You are here to have a rest

    The days were long and hot and Laura and David spent their time walking in the woods and sitting by a small lake. All too soon it was time to take the keys back to Claudine and go home. After many many kisses and fond farewells Claudine pressed a small beautifully wrapped present into Laura's hand.

    “For you” she said, “May it bring you as much pleasure as it did to me, it was my very first solid, open it when you get home”………………..


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    Laura's fingers trembled as she carefully opened the square gold box. Inside lay another package wrapped in delicate pink tissue. 'David' she called excitedly, 'come here and see what Claudine has given me!'' David watched as each layer of tissue was slowly removed, happy to see Laura looking so relaxed once more.

    'Oh!' she exclaimed, 'Oh David, isn't this just too beautiful for words!'' David smiled back at her. ''Yes, my darling. It really is. And you can also wear it!'' 'Yes!' Laura exclaimed, rushing to the hall mirror. ''Look David. See how pretty it is! See how the crystals are dancing in the light! And the perfume David. David, the perfume is called Beautiful. It says this on the label. Oh how I love it. I really do.. We must call Claudine and thank her for everything and tell her how much I adore my beautiful RED CRYSTAL JEWELLED HEART!''

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    The next morning feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep and the strain of the last few weeks long forgotten Laura set off to meet the 'girls' for lunch, dressed in a soft black dress that showed off her slim figure, with the RED CRYSTAL JEWELLED HEART around her neck, she looked every inch the confident young woman that she was.

    The girls admired her new gift, and after a good few glasses of wine the afternoon was over all too quickly. Walking home in the late afternoon sunshine Laura slipped her hand into the pocket of her dress and drew out the small card that Claudine had given her with web site on, smiling she touched the RED CRYSTAL JEWELLED HEART around her neck.

    As if in a dream she let herself into the house and sat down at the computer, a great feeling of peace came over her as she typed in……

    The web site responded at once and Laura was taken aback by the choices she could make. As if by magic her hand was guided to click on the database, and in front of her eyes the red heart apeared. Suddenly Laura froze, in the corner of her computer a small face had materialised, it grew bigger and bigger its dead eyes seemed to be watching both her and the crystal heart around her neck. As Laura fainted the crystal heart fell from her neck and a tiny red crystal fell into her lap like a shiny sticky droplet of blood…………..

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    'Wake up sleepy head' David murmured softly in her ear. He stroked her long auburn hair smiling at the fact that she had fallen asleep, resting her arms on the front of the computer. The mere fact that she had fallen asleep like this was, he thought, a good sign that now she was more relaxed. 'mmmmmmmmm' Laura opened her eyes gradually, taking in her slightly intoxicated state. 'Must have fallen asleep' she mumbled. 'Yes darling! Time to wake up.
    You know what a couple of glasses of wine can do to you at lunchtime. You must
    have really enjoyed yourself!' Laura looked down at her Jewelled Heart.
    'The girls went crazy over this' she giggled. 'They all want one now……..' She stopped suddenly, remembering things she didn't want to confront.

    Anxiously she gazed at the computer. It was blank. Just a blank window
    waiting for the screen to become alive with chatter on command. Warily she looked down at the Jewelled Heart. She carefully untied the silk black cord around her neck placing the Jewelled Heart in the palm of her hand
    studying the red crystals one by one. They were all in place. Each and
    every one of them twinkling like beautiful blood red rubies.

    David watched her curiously wondering what was going through her mind. 'Is anything wrong' he asked hesitantly. ''No…….nothing's wrong David.
    Let me show you what I was looking at before I unexpectedly fell off
    to sleep.' 'Later darling. I think you need a cup of coffee and so do I.
    We can have a look later…….and if we don't do it tonight….then we have all
    the time in the world don't we?'' Laura smiled. 'Yes' she said, walking away from the computer. 'You know, I had the strangest of dreams!'
    'Well, David replied, handing her a steaming hot cup of black coffee,
    'this will wake you up. Then you can tell me all about it, if we have time!''

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    I was getting quite into this ladies, is there going to be more………..

    maybe a “Best Seller”…………. <img src='style_emoticons//biggrin.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’biggrin.gif’ />


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    We will fight on to the end as we have done with previous literary contributions <img src='style_emoticons//laugh.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’laugh.gif’ /> Why don't you join in??????????????? Martha
    is tied up with other things right now, unfortunately! Sandra will be with us soon but our other writers are not on the site……..??????
    And if anyone out there in space needs a rough outline (which we have but
    do not normally do) PLEASE MAKE CONTACT…..

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    Perhaps, They were demons from her past. Laura remembered as a child how she would bury her head in her pillow very night before going to sleep and see weird images of starbursted colors in a flash of light. Now……… hereshe is lost in her computer till wee hours of the night and still seeing images of another world. Natural or unatural, who knows what lies ahead for Laura and David. <img src='style_emoticons//ph34r.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’ph34r.gif’ />

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    HI PAM……

    THE NEXT FEW WEEKS WILL TELL……WATCH THIS SPACE…… <img src='style_emoticons//ph34r.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’ph34r.gif’ /> <img src='style_emoticons//ohmy.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’ohmy.gif’ />


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    Refreshed from the holiday, Laura decided that before she got back into real work she would download all the photos from France. She set the computer up and the process began, inside she was tingling in anticipation.

    The phone rang, it was David. “Hi, darling, everything ok”, he asked.
    “Hi David, yes just fine, I'm in the middle of sorting the photos out so we can have a look at them together tonight. Was there anything you wanted – or are you just missing me”, she replied.
    “Well yes, the new boss here, Mark, has asked if we are free for dinner tomorrow evening. Nothing special, just a steak in their local pub. They moved here a couple of weeks ago and I think he's hoping you can get to know his wife Chrissy”.
    Laura thought for a moment, “that's fine, nothing on the calendar, it will be nice to put a face to Mark's voice”.
    3Great”, he said, “I'll set it up from here. See you later darling, Bye”.
    “Bye David”, and as she put the phone down she noticed the photos had finished their progress into the computer. She looked at the screen, she was tempted, but no she wanted to see them together – they would have to wait for another few hours.

    Thankfully David managed to get away early that day so they had an early dinner and went into the study together. The photos were wonderful, they had really captured the spirit of their little hideaway.
    “Oh David, look at that one, the sunset over the trees, it's divine”, she paused for a second, “I'm going to have it printed and framed and send it to Claudine as a thank you for my beautiful gift”.
    “That's a lovely idea Laura, she was so kind to us”.
    They continued to flick through the photos and were amazed they had even captured a couple of shots of the lightening during the storm they had one night.
    Two very happy, content people went to bed and drifted effortlessly to sleep.

    As the day started Laura knew she had to get on with some serious work. She was in the middle of setting up her own catering business and as much as she loved the cookery side of it, she found the paperwork time-consuming and not very exciting.
    At four that afternoon she decided to call it a day and give herself a little pampering. Relaxing in the warm, perfumed bubbly water she drifted into a half-sleep and once again she was aware of those images in her mind – who cares, it's nothing, she thought, mmm this is so nice.

    Their evening got off to an unexpected but welcome start, as the girls were introduced Chrissy remarked on Lauras red heart. She knew immediately what it was, and much to their husbands delight they were quickly immersed in chatting about these little treasures.
    Chrissy explained that Mark had found her first one in an old second-hand shop near where they used to live and she now had more than twenty of them.
    The rest of the evening was a great success and they parted new friends, with Chrissy offering to take Laura with her to the old shop next time she was going.

    ………………………………… <img src='style_emoticons//rolleyes.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’rolleyes.gif’ />

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    'That was a lovely evening' Laura remarked snuggling up closer to David on the couch whilst nursing a small brandy. David kissed her gently on the forehead, ''What would I do without you!' he sighed. 'I must be the
    luckiest man on this earth!' Laura grinned. 'Give it another day or two
    and you'll be yelling at me about something or other, but meanwhile I
    am going to take advantage of this wonderful mellow mood of yours!'
    'Well'' he responded, 'what have you got up your sleeve now? What is it
    that you are angling for…….another new outfit…….some new shoes…..
    come on, tell me what it is.'' Laura playfully ruffled his hair and then
    gently whispered in his ear. ''I want………I want you to come
    into the study with me' she nibbled on his ear 'and……….I want you
    to..' David drew in a deep intake of breath……'help me with the pictures
    which we downloaded on the Computer!'' Laura, burst into laughter
    noticing the look of disappointment covering his face. ''Come on'
    she giggled kissing him on the cheek before coaxing him
    to follow… ''You little Devil'' David laughed. ''I shall get you for this!
    OK let's take a look now, but it is getting late so not too long eh!'

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    ''This is the one I thought Claudine would like. What do you think?'' David nodded in agreement. It had been a beautiful sunset and the
    red glow as the sun had gradually disappeared seemingly sinking into the trees
    was a really beautiful shot. Laura clicked through some of her pictures until
    she finally came to the ones capturing the storm. 'David, don't you think
    this is sooooooooo atmospheric?' ''Look how the lightening
    takes on the form of something like a creature or man from out of space! Let me enlarge the picture as it needs to fill the whole of the screen. Isn't that too amazing for words?'' 'Yes
    it certainly is. Heh' David took over the mouse, 'let's look at the other
    shots of the storm. They really are very good.'' 'Wow'' Laura
    gasped in amazement, 'just what do you make of that?'' David and
    Laura sat mesmerised…………the lightening was there, the blackness was there,
    but what on earth were these small faces spinning down to earth.
    'David, I can't believe this……what on earth is going on?'' David
    looked at Laura in amazement…….'I honestly don't know darling…..really
    I don't. Methinks we have imbibed toooo much brandy! Come on.
    Let's go to bed!'

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    The next morning Laura slept way past her usual time, it's a good job that I work for myself she thought as she looked at the time on the bedside clock, stepping out of bed she reached for her dressing-gown and made her way downstairs to the kitchen.

    Her head had started to pound and a wave of nausea suddenly hit her. “Too much brandy last night”she told herself sternly, “A good strong cup of tea is what you need right now” and filling the kettle she turned to the window.

    The morning sky had started to darken and the sunshine was being enveloped by a greyish yellow mist and by the time Laura had finished her tea large spots of rain had started to fall followed by a bright flash of lightening………. I wonder Laura thought to herself as she reached for her camera………. <img src='style_emoticons//ohmy.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’ohmy.gif’ />


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