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    This post was written under the topic

    “F¸r Michaela's Angehˆrige”

    which means

    “For Michaela's relatives”.

    As you may have seen it's in German. I thought I'd better start a new topic in order that it will be read.

    It was written by Inge Wuthe and entitled
    “Das M‰rchen von der traurigen Traurigkeit”
    which means
    “The fairytail of the sad sadness”.

    It was posted by Aline2302, Tanja

    I just couldn't resist giving it a try in English.
    Please bare with me, but it is too wonderful to not try to share with all of you.

    It was a tiny lady who walked along the lane (field-path).
    She must have been very old, but her walk was light and her laugh had the
    fresh shininess of an unworried young girl. She stopped next to the cowered
    character and looked at her. She couldn't perceive very much.

    The creature who was sitting in th dust on the path looke nearly incorporeal.
    She looked like a grey flannel cover with human contours. The little lady bent
    a little forward and asked: “Who are you?”

    Two nealry lifeless (spiritless) eyes looked tiredly upwards. “Me? I'm the sadness”
    the voice wispered stagnant and gentle the way it hardly was hearable.

    “Oh, the sadness!” the little lady exclaimed delighted, just the way she would
    greet an old acquaintance.

    “You know me?” the sadness asked suspiciously.

    “Of course I do know you! Again and again you have accompanied a part of my way”

    “Yes, but..” distrusted the sadness, “why don't you save yourself by flight??
    Are you not afraid of me?”

    “Why should I escape you my dear?” You know better than anyone else,
    that you will catch each refugee. But what I'd like to ask you: why do you
    look so discouraged?”

    “I….am sad” the grey character said with a fragile voice.

    The little old lady sat down next to her. “So you are sad??, she said and
    nodded her head in a sympathetc way. “So tell me what's distressing you that much”.

    The sadness had a very deep sigh. Would this time really someone want
    to listen to her? How many times she'd wish this to occur. “Oh you know”,
    she started hesitatingly and very much surprised, “the fact is that no one likes me.
    It's my destiny to meet people and to stay with them for a certain time.
    But when I join them they frighten away. They fear me an they avoid me like the plague.

    The sadness ….. “They've invented phrases with which they want to banish me.
    They say: “Papperlapapp (which doesn't really mean anything), life is bright…
    and their false laughter leads them to stomach cramps and asthma. They say:
    praised be what makes you strong…and they will get heart pains.
    They say: one has to desperate effort….ansd they feel the pains in the
    shoulders and in the back. They say: only weaklings cry…and the damed up
    tears nearly burst their heads. Or they deaden themselves with alcohol and drugs
    just to not be obliged to feel anything.”

    “Oh yes,” the old lady confirmed, “I often met such people.” The sadness
    sank down a little more. “I just want to be of help to the people. If I'm very
    near to them they can meet themselves. I help them to build a nest to take
    care of their wounds. The sad ones have a very thin skin. Many pain breaks
    up again, like a bad healed wound, and this hurts very much.

    But only who concedes the sadness and cries all the uncried tears, is able to
    really heal his wounds. In place of that they make up a crude laughter over
    their scars or they provide themselves with a thick cuirass of bitterness.”
    The sadness kept quiet. Her crying was very weak first, then got more intense
    and finally desperately.

    The little old lady took the collapsed creature in her arms to comfort her.
    How soft and tender she feels, she thought and caressed lovingly the
    trembling bundle. “go on crying, sadness” she whispered affectionnately
    “rest in order that you can regain your strength. You won't have to walk
    on your own. I will join you to not allow the despondency to gain more
    power over you.”

    The sadness immediately stopped crying. She raised and looked astonished
    at her companion: “But…but – who exactly are you?

    “Me?” said the grinning little old lady and then she again smiled like an
    unworried little girl. “I am the hope.”

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    Thank you for translating the story.

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    Hello Brigitte

    Thank you very much for the translation. You did a great work.

    Aline2302, Tanja

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    Brigitte, Thank you so much for the translation… Tanja, thank you so much for posting.

    This is the most beautiful 'story'….. It is so touching and true.

    Thank you!

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    Thanks for such a meaningful and beautiful story. It truly touches my heart…..


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    I'm so glad you did this for us all Brigitte.
    What a lovely story.
    I shall always remember it.
    Thank you.

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    Yep – we should all learn to bear and accept sadness when it comes our way . . . it's part of the whole gammut of emotions we are blessed to have.

    Thanks Brigitte for the goood translation, and to Tanja who also put it 'out there'.

    Don and Margaret
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