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    Hello everyone! I have a bit of a problem with eBay-seller Jaschettino1. I placed a bid on the Grasshopper powder compact accompanied by a picture of said compact. Everything was fine until I received the Caterpillar compact instead. I instantly wrote the seller who responded he would send me the right compact. According to him there had been a mistake in the listing and that the picture was of the caterpillar compact. I sent a very nice letter trying to explain that it indeed was the grasshopper compact (blue and green) and that the caterpillar that I had received was the one with a green caterpillar with black stripes on a gold background. Since I did not hear from him I thought the misunderstanding was sortened out. But it sure was not. I received the replacement compact today. It was once again the caterpillar. And once again I wrote to him and suggested that he would check out the present auctions on eBay of the caterpillar and grasshopper compact and compare with the compact he had sent. His response was that he indeed had sent me the grasshopper but if i wanted the caterpillar I just had to say so. Is my English so terrible? Or does he not even bother to read what a foreigner writes to him?

    I responded that I wanted the compact pictured in the auction but I have no idea if I ever will. What shall I do? I thought perhaps that anyone of you could possibly write to him and explain which compact is which before I go completely loopy here. I have really tried my best and I do want the Grasshopper compact.


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    Be happy to help you! Send me a personal email with his email and I will do my best.

    I understood your post 100%!

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    It's OK Karin – you're English is fine. Sometimes sellers don't read things properly when you bring up a dispute with them. This has happened to me a few times, when the seller has emailed back with something strange that I didn't say – and that's when we are both English speakers!! So I can imagine your frustration!!

    So I just email them again and say “you have got it wrong – I said this . . . . (put very simply); you did this . . . . , so can you do this . .. . to fix it.

    Usually that works and there's apologies all 'round. Anyway, I hope Lisa can sort it all out for you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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