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fluffy muffy
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Hi All…This is my first posting…Recently received the Teapot, Party Cake,and then the Pink Lady, and the blue Boot from Las Vegas. Love them all. I think the circus set is my overall favorite…wish I could someday have the Carousel! I didn't know about the solids when that came out. I think I have around 200 of the treasures…don't care about the boxes or perfume (but don't want to pay for mint if it isn't there) as they are all displayed in my bathroom. I also have lots of the compacts…so I guess y'all know that I am hooked!!!
I take care of my mom who is 90 and has dementia so can't get out lots to luck on to treasures at garage or estate sales, but I am going this afternoon to Neiman Marcus to see the new ones…Should leave my credit card at home…but won't!
I love this site…thanks to all for being here…Linda