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'VEGAS wrote on '28:

I do love that little drum…… :wub:

But now of course you want the violin and the piano to go with it……Thats how it goes when you collect solids….. 😮 never ending…. 😆

A warm welcome to you Alice from a very, very warm England


Yes, you are exactly right! I'm keeping an eye on the piano on eBay and there is a violin as well but the violin is quite expansive. It's a buy it now and I think it's about AUD 200 and the postage to Australia not quoted. The piano is an auction so I'll see how it goes. I was outbid this morning in the last fee seconds. I didn't even realize it until I clicked on my purchase history to pay and it wasn't there! I don't know how it happened as I was watching the auction until it ended and my screen hasn't changed and I was the highest bidder. Anyway maybe it's good as my husband has begun to ask me about my new hobby and how many have I got… Must have seen a lot of PayPal transactions on the credit card!


P.s. sorry to confuse everyone, I actually go by my English name Alice and not my Chinese name yuen. When I registered, I was asked for a display name, and I thought yuen is less common than Alice. But I haven't been called yuen since kindergarten so I feel a bit weird when everyone called me yuen 🙂

I'll see if I can change my display name