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'butterflies1219' wrote on '28:

Welcome Alice to the wonderful world of solid perfumes! I collect not only Estee Lauder solids, but any I can get my hands on!

If you go onto the solids database and you are signed in, you can hit the add button and it will keep track of your Estee solid collection. I love doing it when I get a new EL solid and get tickled looking at my list grow!

I don't have them yet, as they are in the mail, but my newest Estee's coming my way is the Aliage Sport Fragrance Shell, Heavenly Harp, Spinning Top and Rabbit all MIBB! Whoo-Hoo! I love the mailman!!

Jennifer in Jax, FL

I have mind delivered to the office as I can't go to the post office to collect them during office hours. I have a colleague collecting and delivering mail to my office so she is like your mailman now, I love to see her 🙂

I told her about me starting these solid perfumes and she got interested and now every time when I got a package, she hung around to see me open it!