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I love hearing about fellow collectors getting to meet. Will either of you be going to next year's IPBA convention here in Jacksonville, FL? I am counting the days. I hope that I will be able to meet some of you there!

The current new additions which aren't solids but are Estee I just received an “Estee Lauder” saleslady gold pin and the more recent “EL” gold pin. Along with some other solids (Max Factor Love Call Whistle MIB, Max Factor Jack in the Box MIB, Max Factor Hypnotique Floral necklace MIB and a few others not Estee but I love all solids so I'm not discriminating!LOL!)

Zooey – I am still anxiously awaiting to hear from you. I still am kicking myself that I didn't read about your horoscope ad before. If anyone else has ads or brochures for solid perfumes (Estee and others) I am always keeping an eye out for them. Let me know as I collect all things solid perfume related.

I am also (very slowly) working on Solid Perfume Collector's Guide book which will document all solid perfumes from Avon to Vanda (and everything in between). The anticipated publishing release date is being pushed into next spring/summer. It is exciting to discover so many of the vintage solid perfumes and to uncover the original names and fragrances of so many solid perfumes. I am looking for any information on many of the vintage Molinard's right now. If you have any very vintage solid perfumes or leads/information, please contact me at

Cheers and hope everyone is having a wonderful week!