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'zooey' wrote on '27:

Hi Butterflies – Was going through some papers and old brochures…found the original “Ad” for the horoscope series. If you are still looking for them, let me know and I'll send the sheet to you. They're all in the Holiday 2004 Collection brochure.

Also, congratulations on your “new” Aliage Compact. It's a keeper, for sure! 🙂

Michelle! Thank you.. I just found this note! Ack! Can't believe didn't see it until now! (Sorry have been very ill, but doing better again and typing up and catching up like a storm!) I'm sure hoping that you still have the ad!!! And the super news is that I just added my ultimate want for the series a MIB Sagittarius. I wanted that one most as it is my birth sign horoscope. Now I am super duper excited because I only have a few more to find so that i have the whole horoscope series. But I would love to be able to display them all around the ad!! I saw in Gerson's book that there was a music cd given to the employee's and maybe one day someone can help me discover that one too!

So the only other Estee I have added is another few golden oldies… the 1973 Portrait MIB, 1974 Sport Fragrance sadly no box but has label and is full, 1973 Venetian Scroll Perfume Necklace MIB, 1973 Keepsake MIB with original paperwork. I already had one Keepsake, but I love upgrading to the MIB and especially when the original older paperwork is included. So I guess I am also working on the “oldies but goodies” display right now too! LOL!

Happy hunting to all!