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'butterflies1219' wrote on '24:

I am so happy because I received my Capricorn horoscope solid! I had to have a friend in the UK purchase it for me, she sent it to another friend in Ireland who shipped it to me with some perfume cards she had for me!! The solid had quite a trip and arrived looking beautifully!

Now I have the Taurus, Libra and Capricorn! I have been hunting and hunting for the Saggitarius which is my sign. I also am trying so hard to find either the original horoscope series brochure and/or any ads for this solid series. I think they are so fun! Mind you it's not the Imperial Panda, but these are still a fun hunt for me!

Happy Hunting to all!!


Hi Butterflies – Was going through some papers and old brochures…found the original “Ad” for the horoscope series. If you are still looking for them, let me know and I'll send the sheet to you. They're all in the Holiday 2004 Collection brochure.

Also, congratulations on your “new” Aliage Compact. It's a keeper, for sure! 🙂