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And I finally found the Jukebox! I totally missed most, if not all, of last year's solids…so when I found the Jukebox, was totally in awe of it's attention to detail…and it's significance, at least to me.

The Tiger, which I returned to the store last summer, turned up again and I got it! Just gorgeous!

What I'm trying to do now is figure out which solids in my collection really have meaning for me, which are duplicates, and which one's I purchased on impulse. The only one's I'm keeping must have a memory for me. We'll see.

I doubt if EL is going to continue manufacturing Solids so I do want to complete the Collection I have started. Possibly pieces that fit in with some of my themes. Like…the OCTOPUS I regrettably sold, but again, to a lovely person who has given it a beautiful home…lots of fishies to keep him company. 🙂