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Ok now it bugged me and I had to search. We don't have the Jasmine White Moss Private Collection in the database yet. But I was thinking of the 2007 Tuberose Gardenia that has a similar look to the Ylang Yang. But then I remembered seeing the White Moss on ebay and it has a pretty blue stone if that is the one I am thinking of. Is it gold with a sapphire blue stone and on a necklace? Sorry, the mind is the first thing to go with age!! LOL!


PS Daisy OMG I saw the Crossing the Thames! Wow! Another beauty. I've got to get more of the Harrod's solids. It would be so cool to have a map of London, maybe an antique looking one, or if you have ever been to London tickets and souvenir brochures and arrange all the Harrod's Estee's on! What an awesome display that would be. 🙄