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Lisa – 🙂 Very glad to see you back and posting !

I too, bought up a few 'cheap' solids MIB, but because Jacky has loudly brought it to everybody's attention that there are copies out there, now I am dubious as to what I have bought in the past year and a half . . .

Have I unknowingly bought copies ? Or are they real ?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand it, Jacky is saying that everything can be copied, and pretty much unless you buy them from an EL counter, then you can't be too sure.

If they are the 'real Mccoy' then I am pleased with the prices I have paid in the last year, because I feel like I am being compensated for all the ones I bought at the height of their popularity (including the Carousel) and therefore paid for some much more than their retail . . . and at a time when the Aussie dollar was at 50c in the USD . . . so in todays terms, about 200 – 300% more than their value today.

So I figure if I can buy a few at 50% of their retail, it'll all work out in the end.

Ah well . . . that's why I get up and go to work . . .