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QUOTE(Ar @ Oct 13 2006, 01:25 PM)
I just won the ivory lucky rabbit pm ebay for $100. I saw an Imperial Princess failed to sell – highest bid was about $1280. I wonder if this portends a decrease in value of the older solids….


I don't think that at all, I think there are sellers that buyers stay away from no matter what price an item is at for various reasons. Also the princess did not have a box, and I'm sure the ones that are looking for one, are waiting for another one to come up with a box.

i have also noticed that realized prices depend a lot on the day an auction ends and at what time. And with the recent gas prices being so high I have noticed a really big delicne in ALL prices on ebay, not just our field. When people finally realize that the gas prices are really beginning to come down I think we will see the prices on ebay rising again, as people recover from all they spent on gas that they are not used to spending. Budgets will get back to what they were before all the high gas prices and things will go back to normal.

If my budget was at the point where I could go back to buying, I would be buying now for investment purposes, and then flip them after the first of the year when prices are back up again. An easy way to make good money.