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Ann and Ken
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Hi Maggie,

Are you talking about the camel back clock with the books solid?
The retail on that one was $225 and on the square one it was $295.

Be aware that the camel back clock had some problems with the clock staying in it’s place ( it falls out) once you remove the shipping pin to set it. We bought ours at Neiman’s and they sent it back to Strongwater for repair at no expense.
They (NM)said they sent others back also so if you buy one get it from someplace that it can be returned.
Some of the ones on ebay you would have trouble returning . The sellers may not know of a problem since it when you go to set the time is when you find out.

Ann & Ken

Should add that Strongwater will repair things and get it back to the store very quickly. Then the store shipped out to us.
Would like to find out if it is the same for solids but since the quality is so much better we may never know. [Big Grin]

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