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Well what a game that was! Margaret my blood pressure must have been sky high! Perhaps if Rooney would have
controlled his temper and frustrations we would still be in the World Cup now!

England really gave their all when down to ten men and I really thought we would
have Portugal on penalties! Was a little sad at the end! THEN turned over
to watch the tennis and didn't Murray play well! (As Bruce Forsyth would say, ''didn't he do well!'') Was impressed with the interview he gave after
and paying tribute to Roddick!

Re Agassi, am sad to see him go! Wimbledon won't be the same without him!

And now, there's another match on but I have decided not to go with the flow!

Karen, if you get a chance to see the England match again, watch it. Mind you
now you know the result, I doubt it will be as gripping as it was watching here!
Re Germany, will be watching that with interest. Went to an old town in Germany called Kemper (I think that is the correct name). First time I have been there. Lots of cobbled old narrow streets and a different feeling from the
other places I have visited. All the winding streets were festooned with flags and
it looked really fantastic. I expect more flags are flying high now!

So, it's on with the show……and perhaps Murray will keep the flags flying for us over here!

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