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I was very lucky when I first started collecting perfume. I stumbled on to a site owner and a collector right in my area. Both were very generous with information and guidance, especially the collector. She introducted me to the IPBA, books, showed me her collection, and tried to gently explain to me that there was a lot out there and I might want to specialize. I wanted it all and bought too much, but I have to admit, I have enjoyed every purchase, every item, the hunting and finding and even part of the selling off the things I should probably not have bought. However, she was SO right, there is tooooo much out there, and I now know what I mostly like and have had to work like mad to get almost down to it. Now there are sites like this one, with so much good information.

I've been buying on e-bay since 1999, I think, and I have to admit, its a much scarier place than it used to be. When there is money to be made, there will be scams. That's why its nice to have this site with all of you pooling your information.