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Ok as long as we are talking on this one I'll throw out the newest “scam” I've been caught in. I also collect Nightmare before Christmas Mdse and many of the items are impossible to find and costly. I have had no fewer than 6!! Ebay deals arrived with “broken” items inside and the seller who has insured them says oh no problem I”ll file a claim. Once maybe, twice is ok?? but 6! It appears that people are unloading damaged goods and getting paid for it. The worst was a deal in July which was 3 artist signed rare disney statues original boxes etc. They arrived and the main one was horribly broken but the best part?? NONE WERE SIGNED and UPS still paid the claim! This was an obvious scam and it went through with no big deal. So who is to now say missing stones on a solid are claim worthy??

I'm Hearts*Frogs on Ebay if you see me bid :0)