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I remember my mom using Estee Lauder products but I don't remember any perfume solids. After she passed away last year, I found a small bottle of Pleaures EDP spray in her things and loved the fragrance. I bought my own bottle of Pleasures and started using it every day – it is so soothing and uplifting. Then I saw an auction on eBAY for the little silver purse with pink bow and it had Pleasures solid perfume in it. I thought this is so cute and would fit just right in my purse! Well, the perfume wasn't usuable but I discovered there were all kinds of adorable Estee Lauder compacts and I was definitely hooked! My favorites are cats and I have a couple powder compacts as well. Then I found this wonderful website and appreciate the information from Lisa and Petals. And look forward to learning and collecting more!