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It seems this site is dedicated mostly to E.L. and I am extremely new to “collecting” and this site. At any rate, my solids were made by Max Factor. My mom worked for MF for over 20 years and every time they came out with a new solid, she brought one home to me. Over the years I've displayed them, when I married I put them away, then I'd bring them back out. My mom passed away last month and while getting things ready for the memorial service, my husband was in the top of the linen closet looking for my good table cloths, and he finds a dish towel (ouch!) wrapped around all these little solids. I opened them up and the memories of my mom just poured over me. I feel it was a sign and a wonderful way to remember my mom. In the process of looking for replacements for the ones I know I'm missing, I ran across this site and I've connected with so many people who love the little solids. I am now an avid collector and very “addicted.” I don't collect the E.L. solids, but I do love to look at all the different ones. My heart is with MF and my mom.