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I've always loved solid perfume, bought it whether it was an EL or not. The first EL solid I bought was the Imperial Dog back in the 70's. Rarely bought anything til a Neiman Marcus opened In King of Prussia, and they had the Circus solids. I was smitten, but resisted. I should know better. 3 years ago I was surfing the internet, and put a generic search in for solid perfume. Lisas' site came up and I was hooked! I had no idea there were so many fabulous solids existed. I have made up for lost time, and now have about 300 of the ELs'. All the good ones, only big one I would love to find is the Imperial Panda. I also have close to 75 other solids, Corday, and whatever strikes my fancy. Collecting solids is like eating potato chips-you can't stop at one!