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Yeah, my thoughts exactly, Lisa. That'll mean quite a few jobs too, I'd say.

On one hand it serves them right for not listening to us collectors a number of years ago when we bitterly complained to them about their customer service, warehouse sales, prices and ebay listings. I think just about every collector at the time turned their backs on them for 'devaluing' our collections and for not listening to our concerns.

Now, most people wait to but them cheaply somehow instead of supporting the EL stores. This has perhaps resulted in stores such as the one in Vegas closing down.

On the other hand, many collectors look forward to the new releases and continuation of adding to their solid collections . . . What will happen when they are no longer made? Will the interest also fade away, and how much mileage is left in the ones already produced?

I still have a few that I am after, but am not in the same rush I was to get them before. If nothing else, I've learnt that patience pays off.