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Ann and Ken
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Hi Martha,

There are some on the list that are not in Roselyn's book.

Someday when we have time those of us with “lists “should get together and do a master list .

EL has been promising one is why we have not done it before.

One problem with the list is some solids are listed by fragrance so you may have the same solid listed 3 times with the only difference being the fragrance.

In the 70's catagory on my list it has :

1972–Azuree– Fragrance Sphere Pomander Necklace.

It is the only one on the page that has no discription. ?????????

Old English Fair on my list:

1973–Estee– Old English Fair- Various copies of 18th century English scent boxes filled with your choice of Y-D or Estee solid perfume.

Then it is listed again with the same imformation only with Y-D as the fraqrance.
It is the only one on my list that doesn't have a price in the price box. Don't know if that means they didn't retail it.

An interesting side note— My list shows which solids were GWP and what dept store to get it.
Example-Starshell Necklace- Marshall Fields w/ purchase of $6 or more.