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QUOTE(butterflies1219 @ Mar 22 2010, 11:05 PM)
Whoa! I love the little pumpkin…oops I meant Flowering Tangerine!

I was so fortunate to be able to purchase a mint in the box one with the original info sheet inside. Funny thing is it came all the way to FL from Hawaii. I like it for two reasons one is the year 1971 is my birth year (darn I am telling ya'll my age now). Two, my mom nicknamed me pumpkin for reasons still unknown to me and when I first saw it, I really thought it was a pumpkin!

I also have a white pumpkin “created especially for estee lauder in japan” porcelain pumpkin with a gold leaf stem. I have never seen another one. I don't know any history on it. It was from an antique dealer. (Let me know if you know any, I'd appreciate it.)


I agree with you on the Flowering Tangerine. I quite like it. I looked at it more since it was “dissed” and decided it was one I wanted. Mine was rather inexpensive as it had been used. I can only hope the original purchaser enjoyed the perfume.

I'm not big on the spider. Arachnophobia! I'm not like Grissom on CSI that kept spiders as pets.