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That's so true – I even said to my husband as we were packing up the stuff – now we'll get a blizzard and won't be able to get out of the house for weeks!

Actually, it's nice to finally see what was in there – you forget ya know? So far in New Jersey we had a dusting of snow that melted away quickly and one really chilly day. No winter for us, I guess it's in New Mexico and Europe! Right now it's sunny and a little cold, not freezing just cold.

I received a new curio cabinet for Christmas so I've been busy rearranging all my solids. I had really stuffed the one cabinet I had so it was time. Cold and crappy weather is good for working in the house.

Today is my wedding anniversary (17 years) so I'm not cooking or cleaning – that's celebration enough for me! It's a champagne day! Enjoy everyone!