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Just thought I would share my recent experience with fellow collectors. I recently bought 3 solids from a seller from Munchen, 1 thru’ eBay auction and 2 more when the seller offered more solids in her email. I thought I was being careful enough when I specifically send her an email to confirm that these solids were in ‘mint’ conditions in their boxes. Sure enough, ‘yes, yes, all in mint conditions’ came back her reply. When I got the parcel couple of days ago, my heart almost stopped! [Cry] The eBay solid had a crack right thru the enamel on one of the wings. Both the other two solids had stones missing. To make the matter worse, one of the solid perfume had gone black around the rim, and the other one had shrunk so much it was rolling around inside the solid like a football! [Frown] Of course I emailed the seller right away, back came the reply that she is a seller with over 1000 positive feedbacks on eBay, no neutral, no negatives, that all the solids left her in mint conditions, that I should try to claim insurance for the damage. I know I ain’t no Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie, but how can these solids be damaged via transit thru the post when all the outer boxes arrived in ‘mint’ conditions! [Suspicious] Mind you she really packed the solids well. In any case shouldn’t I be able to find the pieces that came off the solids inside the boxes??? I doublt it very much I’ll be able to get the money back from the post office, I couldn’t even find the value the parcel was insured for on the slips that came with the parcel. It’s over $700 gone down the drain for me. When I look back at her emails, she has over 10 more solids on hold from other buyers. I certainly hope that these other buyers won’t be as unfortunate as I had been. Surely, a ‘mint’ solid means a good clean one in decent condition if not perfect. I haven’t left my feedback yet on eBay. If I don’t say anything I’m being kind to her but what about future potential buyers??? [Puzzled] Any suggestion on what I should do? Any one had any experience on receiveing damaged goods? [Confused] I’m absolutely broken-hearted over this. [Cry] [Mad]