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Hi Mini,
I feel very sad for your bad experience it is very disheartening when something like this happens and can sour the thought of your future eBay transactions. [Frown]
If it were a $40 solid I could be tempted to put it down to experience and not buy from this seller again, even though the price doesn’t make an inaccurate or misleading description right, it’s not as hard to live with. [Roll Eyes]

As you have paid so much for them I would definately be following this one up. I think it is very irresponsible for the seller to fob you off with the insurance claim and the feedback remark. On probability you would have to be pretty unlucky to get the only 3 solids with ‘undescribed faults’ out of all the ones the seller has! [Roll Eyes] I wonder how many other buyers have had this response thrown at them. [Frown]

There is a ‘dispute resolution’ section in the SafeHarbor overview that you may like to have a look through. If Brigitte is not able to help you may try contacting the seller again to offer a solution you would be happy with (full/partial refund) and/or contact eBay and get some help. [Wink]
Good Luck! and keep us posted! [Big Grin]
forgot the link:….mpaign=EBY_OD_7

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