Solid Perfume Forums Re: When MIB isn’t MIB at all!

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I feel you dismay as I’ve had the same experience before with other sellers. Ebay’s feedback system is skewed because many sellers with that kind of positive feedback don’t leave feedback for you first, knowing they sent you something damaged and you might complain. This way, they can hold that over your head and discourage you from providing them with the appropriate feedback. So I don’t always rely on totally positive feedback. I wouldn’t be bothered as much by the solid being loose as long as it’s intact, but the missing stones are very troublesome, especially since you can’t find them in the package! I’ve had sellers ship me damaged compacts before and claim that shipping was the cause and they want you to file an insurance claim. It’s their way of getting out of scott-free and it’s a shame because the post office will deny your claim if they feel they could not have caused the damage in shipping. I had a couple of sellers send me compacts with broken or very loose hinges and claim that shipping did it! Hinges and clasps break with wear and tear, not shipping! So, I know your sorrow and the only thing you can do is not buy anymore stuff from that person. I don’t know if this would be ok with Lisa, but maybe you could check with her the next time you’re going to make a large purchase like that with a seller you’re unfamiliar with. Chances are Lisa or one of us may have purchased from the seller and we can share our experience in terms of the quality, etc. Afterall, we’re spending a lot of dough on these and we should try to look out for each other! I try to buy from sellers who are also collectors like me, that way I know they feel the same way about these as I do and are more likely to provide an accurate description of all the important stuff!