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Thought I might jump in here!

Here's one for the books –

Many years ago I found a lady who had a small gift shop in the inner city (Chicago) near Taylor Street (A predominently Italian neighborhood & still is). Anyway, her and her husband closed up the shop in the early 1960's and brought most of her stock to the suburbs for it to sit in her (then) new home.
Years went by and like many of us stuff piled up around those precious boxes of new old stock items.
She decided to have a garage sale (which is where I met her). She had cases of wonderful French perfumes by Molinard.
Over the years I have paurchased too many bottles from her to count including several Laliques. One of the prizes were several MIB Concreta's in most of the scents offered by Molinard in little bakelite plastic balls.
Needless to say I became addicted to one particular scent from Molinard – the name is Sketch and it is no longer available. (Molinard dropped out of business for many years but has made a comeback recently. Sketch has musky overtones a through back to my hippy days of patchouli (which I still adore)
The first time I wore it, my mother-in-law got a wiff and was frantic as to what the scent was – she said it was her favorite but she could not find it anymore.
I presented her with a huge 4 oz bottle of perfume that she was tickled pink to receive. And I even have her promise that if it ever becomes empty, it will return to me with the box.
(BTW everything I got from this lady was MIB Mini's concretas, and up to 4 ozs bottles)
I've never run into a find like those since, but to this day I have a bottle of Sketch on my dresser – I simply love the scent