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Question to ebay seller:

Dear 5953joyce,

You advertised as excellent condition. Could you please confirm that there has been no chipping, damage or alterations to this compact? Thanks!

Seller's Answer:

A different buyer just brought to my attention that there is a tiny chip on the lower part of the sleeve of the arm that is raised higher. I sincerely did not see it even while taking the photos. Because there are bids on it, I can not change the listing. I am going to contact the 2 bidders to give them this new information. Other than that, the coral paint is paler in some areas from age. Thank you for your interest. Joyce

'wjh414' wrote on '06:

I just checked and the Princess has been relisted! Someone is reading our posts :ph34r: The new description includes the “tiny chip” but nothing about the orange braid or painted hair. The starting bid was lowered to $298 and there's already a bid on her. Still wondering if anyone knows if she can be restored? 😉