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Hello Mostlyminis, I have ended auctions on ebay. If I realise I have made a mistake and decided not to let the auction run, then I have cancelled. You can always end an auction but I prefer not to do so once there are bids. I also consider if no-one bids on an item I have listed then that is their loss if it is ended. When searching on ebay, if I see something I want and there are no bids, then I make a point of bidding. This way the seller knows there is interest. To leave an item without bids is taking a chance. So no bids and I change my mind, then the watchers cannot complain if I cancel my auction! That is my philosophy, rightly or wrongly! I have items up now for sale. Whether I let them run or decide to forego the listing fee whilst there are no bids, that is my perogative………