Solid Perfume Forums Re: What made you start collecting Estee Lauder Solids?
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Hi Everyone: I mentioned to Lisa that I got started over ten years ago (12) with lauder solids and compacts and have been collecting since! I have approximately 400 and have them displayed in a curio cabinet at my home in upstate New York. My children and husband always thought I was crazy until they realized what they go for on ebay! I have displayed some in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida last year at Neiman Marcus’s Museum show and enjoyed meeting other collectors as well as Lauder execs. and Bob Conte (design artist). I have also had the pleasure of dealing with the many estee lauder associates across the country when searching for that special solid or powder compact that I did not have! I have been thinking about selling my collection but my daughter is flipping out over the thought of it!!!
This web site is a great idea and I hope to make some new friends that enjoy collecting lauder solids as much as I have! I never collected anything else in my life – thank God because my husband would probably have left me by now!!!
It’s become quite an expense, having to have every one they make, ya know???!!!!
Would love to hear from all of you out there who share the same interest!!! Take care and have a great day!!!
Regards, Pamela