Solid Perfume Forums Re: What made you start collecting Estee Lauder Solids?

Judith Anne
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As I’ve told Lisa, I was collecting compacts. About 6 years ago, I thought I’d be really clever(and ahead of everyone else) and start collecting the solid perfume holders after I found one at a flea market. Little did I know but Roselyn Gerson’s Vintage Contemporary Purse Accessories book was already out, and it has a nice section on solids.
I collected quite a bunch of the older solids and then for some reason decided to sell them. I am a retired teacher turned collectibles dealer. My business found me always buying to sell. SUDDENLY, I had an urge to have a collection of my own again. I quickly snatched back any unsold solids!! Now, I buy solids for ME.
The new EL’s are beautiful but not in my price range. I concentrate on finding “bargains” from the 70’s and 80’s when it comes to EL solids and I love the Max Factor solids, as well.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Lisa for this user friendly web site, which she works hard to maintain and which brings collectors from around the world together. What fun!