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I started collecting perfume bottles about 10 years ago. My passion was Czechoslovakian bottles from the 20s-30s. However, it began to get harder and harder to find bottles that I could afford so I decided to collect minis. Then I happened to find a few perfume solids at an antique mall for $4.00 each. I got a pearl and rhinestone egg (although later I found out that this may be a pill box, the Max Factor deer, Fuller Brush fish and the Golden rope by Estee Lauder (if I see this item on Ebay one more time I think I will scream, doesn’t everyone have this piece (smile) Anyway, I was trying not to collect one more thing but I couldn’t resist they were so adorable. Now like everyone else, I’m hooked. I don’t even buy Czech bottles anymore—all extra money goes to purchasing solids. Also my family thinks that I am crazy but I’m single so no one really knows how much I spend on these treasures. I use to buy all of the full-distribution ones, but now some of them look really cheap. Therefore, I always get the cameo and maybe one other. I can’t afford to buy the ones from Neiman and Sak’s so I let others buy them for me as Christmas gifts—but lately I have been feeling guilty about how much they are spending. So I don’t ask for them as gifts anymore, I just enjoy these items through E-bay.
Lisa thanks for a great site. It’s so nice to have a place to talk about solids.

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