Solid Perfume Forums Re: What made you start collecting Estee Lauder Solids?

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I started collecting solids about 10 or 12 years ago. I stumbled on to them at Dunlaps in Lubbock, TX. I just bought the ones that I liked. One or two a year. I thought they were so neat. I love little miniatures, so these were perfect for me. I didn’t realize that Neiman and Saks sold exclusives until the carousel came out. I was lucky and purchased that one for the original price! I wish I would have started collecting sooner… in the 70’s and 80’s, but I was still in high school and college in the early eighties and didn’t know they existed. I would have been collecting them, had I known! So now I’m trying to catch up! I have purchased some of the older ones on Ebay and am very addicted! I prefer the figural ones! Even though I have some of the flat older ones! I am looking forward to the 2002 ones and am trying to decide which ones I can afford!! Thanks again for an awesome sight!