Solid Perfume Forums Re: What made you start collecting Estee Lauder Solids?

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I started collecting EL solids because of boredom. My main collection for the past 10 years was perfume minis. I spent too much money when I first started ebay in 1999. Since then, sellers flooded the market and values declined. I have a rotating collection, so if resell, I loose money 95% of the time. Needless to say, I felt I was throwing money away. I still collect minis, but not as often.

It was summer 2001 and I wanted new perfume items for my collection. Minis were boring. Solids appeared in my ebay searches again. Prices were lower than in Decemeber 2000. I said what the heck. So, I bought the Rocking Horse at a great price! It was more beautiful in person. I was hooked.