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Hi Ladies…. 🙂

Collecting is such an addiction but a very nice one. I started with powder compacts and then along came solid perfumes and now I have added perfume bottles not to mention the vanity related items that go along with them.

My Hubby is as bad with his model railways, at times our house looks like a junk shop, there always seems to be the latest buy waiting to be cleaned or restored and we have been known to fight over who will have our old scared kitchen table to work on for the day.

Alice…… Do be careful about buying dolls house furniture to put your solids on because next thing you know you will be building a full dolls house…. 😆 I have been building one now for the last seven years and its a hobby that I love but its yet another collecting addiction and the one that requires the most patience.

Welcome Shannon, I hope you have many happy years of collecting.

Margaret ………