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Hi girls- I'll just give you the bad news now. Go ahead and clear out the guest room. Soon your solids will take over at least one room of the house. I joke about starting a solid perfume museum one day and I would be so happy to do that! Right now, we have been talking about moving within the year. My objective for the new home is that it MUST have one room I can dedicate to displaying my solids!! Yes, I am actually considering my solids as a priority for my new home! LOL… that will be you soon! Trust me, I started out with three display wall shelves and a washstand shelf, I have in 5 years given in to the fact that I must have a very large room for displays…oh and of course some solids scattered about in “theme” arrangements. Currently I have a fall colored solid perfume arrangement. I've already began gathering all the ones for the Christmas Holidays display!! So I'll just warn you now that you will outgrow everything you thought you was too large! But it sure is fun!!!

Be sure to check in the site for Ann and Ken's displays. They have amazing theme displays with their solids. Some of their displays are pictured in R. Gerson's book, on this website and in older editions of the IPBA (international perfume bottle assoc).

BTW, joining the IPBA is also a fun way to hook up with other solid perfume collectors. I went to my first IPBA convention this year and met a solid perfume collector with over 1000+ solids! There were a lot of MIBB solids and rare solids for sale at the IPBA Collectors Market. It's only $40 per year to join and very easy. (Message me if you want info)

Jennifer in Jacksonville