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Hi Shannon,

A warm welcome from the South. Before you, I was the “newest” member I think to this great group (not sure what we are called?). I started collecting in March this year and I have about 150 solids now! I started with collecting everything as I wanted to build up a collection quickly but soon found it's not much fun to collect empty ones! I then started to replace them with the ones with perfume and boxes and now only buy compacts which have at least perfume in them even without boxes. The only exceptions might be the really old and hard to find ones that I really want.

It's definitely addictive as I have to go on eBay every day for a few times to make sure I haven't “missed” anything 🙂 My husband is getting a bit annoyed too with my newfound hobby as I promised I will only buy so many to fill up the antique display cabinet that he bought for me for the solids but now I'm running out of space and am trying to persuade him that WE need another one 😉

Again, very happy that you join us and good luck with your collection!