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It is nice to know that new collectors are still getting into the Estee Lauder solids.I do not post very often but thought I would add my two cents. I agree that how you collect is definitely a personal choice. I have been collecting for about 14 years now and only prefer full with boxes. I loved the solids for the whole package when I got into it and the empty ones just seem like trinket boxes to me. Again this is just my personal taste in the solids. I also just prefer what I consider pretty ones so most of the vintage ones do not appeal to me. I quit buying from stores a few years ago when Estee Lauder started releasing empties at auction. I'm not in a rush to buy so I occasionally check ebay and if something comes up at a price I can live with I pick it up. This works well for my wallet and still gives me pleasure to add a new one every so often. These are beautiful items and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.