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Yes Margaret you are exactly right I am afraid about the dollhouse 😀

I found myself starting to look at dollhouse furnitures etc etc besides EL solid perfume on eBay everyday now. My colleague told me there is this hobby shop in the CBD that has dollhouse stuff and I am planning to “have a look” when I have a chance. I have a feeling what this will lead to….

My only constraint is I don't have the space (although I have a second bedroom that at present is full of my clothes) so this might be a “deterence”. If you have a chance, I would be very very interested to see a photo of your dollhouse! I have printed one from eBay which is a bakery but it is sold as a built set and I think it's not much fun as I want to build my own to display my solids, just need to think where to put this and buy the necessary “furnitures” and asscessories! 😉