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I want to sell the rest of my perfume collection at reasonable prices so that for one month I can be worry free of financial woes caused by those 2 dumn hurricanes.
I want the three major clients back, that I lost becasue of the hurricane that put me in this jam in the first place. I want those 3 clients to rebuild their business fast so that the 4000 people that are without jobs, can once again be gainfully employed and prospering.
I want all the New Orleans refugees that still live in Houston to be able to return to their homes, and their previous lives, so Houston's crime rate will go back down to where it was before the hurricane
I want this nightmare to be over so I can once again sleep at nite peacefully.
I want the new year to come, because next year HAS to be better than this one was.
I want to walk into an estate sale and see the Indian Princess sitting there with a $25 price tag on her…(Now that one will never happen…LOL)
I want everyone to get their hearts desire and have a Happy Christmas
I want to continue to enjoy the many friends I have met and made on the internet and for next year to bring many new people in my life so that I will continue to grow as a caring compasionate person and that I may help those who have helped me in the past months.
I want once again to be able to “pay it forward”