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QUOTE(Jacqueline @ Sep 26 2006, 09:10 PM)
.    I thought the same
thing when I first saw the Panda !  It was so exciting watching the auction and we were all so happy and elated when a member from here won!    Now, I would love to have him here in my

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I would also love to have him(the panda) in my collection, but he is wayyyy out of my price range now….Maybe after I get my house paid off next March and my car paid off, then I can go back to saving money to buy some of the solids back that I sold, and to buy others that I truely want. But for now at least selling off my solid collection to help pay for all the havoc caused by back to back hurricane(Katrina and Rita) has convinced me more and more, that the precious little things that we collect do hold their value and are worth the money spent , as an investment, if nothing else….LOL…forget the fact that I really love them. But they helped me in a time of need, and when I finally get back in the black again, I will start rebuying them. I know I won't always be broke…giggle…in fact I now can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I just wish the process of rebuilding didn't take so long,….can you tell I'm impatient….LOL.

The key currently to my buying is to find something that is mis id'ed and in the wrong category that nobody else spots…..but that takes hours of searching and scrolling, sometimes I have the time and sometimes i don't.

Also in the future when I buy, I plan not to care about the boxes, they just get in the way, sit in the attic, and gather dirt…LOL. I have about 60 more solids to sell that still have the boxes, and when the last boxes are gone, that's it for me…no more boxes…LOL. I also have learned that sellers on ebay don't know how to spell….GIGGLE.